Polka-Dot Sun Dress

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The Polka-Dot Sun Dress is a Vibrantly colored dress that will have your Puppies ready for fun in the summer.


Show off your pups fun personality & have them strut around town in these fashionista wardrobes.


These Dresses come in vibrant Orange & Blue colors. 



  • Snap button collar around neck
  • Lightweight & durable sun dress to showcase your dogs feminine side.
  • Breathable Cotton & Voile Materials

13 lb Cocka-Poodle model is wearing a size Medium fit perfect, & the 5 lb Yorkie model is wearing a size XS perfect fit.

Sizes in dresses go up 18.5” in the chest, around the size of a beagle or Cocker Spaniel.

Please refer to the "Pups Only Size Chart" Here