Our Story

The Chic Puppy Story

Chic Puppy started with an idea about the current bland state of Dog shirts & Hoodies.  Why must the puppies suffer?? !  We say, No more! 

The Chic Puppy Founder was intrigued by the branding aspect of clothing, but in today’s world, that space is overfilled for humans.  What about Man’s best friend?  This sparked the idea; why not a brand for both Humans & Dogs!?  A Shared Brand Between Man & Best Friend.

Think about how psychologically we all cherish our dogs.  Eventually dogs become our best friends because they maintain that perfect psychology for getting along with a human being; their loyalty is unmatched, they give us great company, they won’t talk back, don’t honk their horns in traffic, & sometimes they treat humans better than we treat ourselves.  

Dogs make us happy on a deep level.  How many times have we all sat back during a movie or tv show & said, “Ohhh no, not the DOG!  You can Kill anyone but the DOG!”

Chic Puppy is about the human-dog interaction.  This is my BFF, so why wouldn’t they rock a legit brand like me?!




Founder & Owner of Chic Puppy 

With our Puppy Models Dolly, Jax, & Noah.

picture of the founder & owner of chic puppy with his advisor & Chief Treat Officer & dog models

Chic Puppy is to eventually become the 1st of a string of Social Enterprises, dedicated to generating the maximum funds possible to support Micro-Finance Loans, mostly in the 3rd world.  

10% of Chic Puppy Profits will be donated right off the bat to Micro-Finance through our affiliate Kiva.org    

Once Chic Puppy generates enough revenue to sustain a new profitable venture, it will become 100% profit donating.  

The profit from just 10 orders can supply enough resources to feed a village for every future generation…This is why the Chic Puppy team truly appreciates each order & any support you show us along the way.

Say Hello to Our Artists!

Brian McKenn

Chic Puppy Graphic Artist Brian McKenn

A graphic design artist from California with a passion for art since a young child. He has been professionally working as a freelance graphic designer for the past 3 years. Enjoying the adventure of bringing a creative thought to life whether it's a t-shirt, logo, poster, etc.  His quote to thought is " Creative minds feed off the random pieces of a puzzle known as life, stringing together the broken threads of thought to create and expand our minds to the wonders of our imaginations."

Favorite Dog Breeds: Husky & Beagles

Check Out Brian’s work

Portfolio:  https://bmdesigns.myportfolio.com

Vizireanu "Magda" Maria-Magdalena

Picture of Chic Puppy Graphic Designer Magda

A graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts, currently attending her master's degree at the University of Arts and Design, in Romania.  Magda’s work showcases her natural social liveliness, who enjoys graphics and animation as more than just a job.  She currently does illustration making logos, t-shirt designs, character designs, and comics.  I am delighted to be part of the Chic Puppy team, thank you! 

Favorite Dog Breeds: Samoyeed.

Check Out Magda’s work on social Media

Instagram - @magdamariav

Facebook -  https://m.facebook.com/mady21v?refid=8