How Your Order Helps People in Need

Chic Puppy is a Proud Kiva Supporter

Chic Puppy is to eventually become the 1st of a string of Social Enterprises, dedicated to generating the maximum funds possible to support Micro-Finance Loans, mostly in the 3rd world.  

Micro-Finance loans enter a system that help people get access to funds or resources, & can change the course of entire villages, & even help with environmental concerns for generations to come.

10% of Chic Puppy Profits will be donated right off the bat to Micro-Finance through our affiliate

Once Chic Puppy generates enough revenue to sustain a new profitable venture, it will become 100% profit donating.  

The profit from just 10 orders can supply enough resources to feed a village or gain access to clean water for every future generation…this is why the Chic Puppy team truly appreciates each order & any support you show us along the way.

100% of donations on go to micro-finance loans, which have a 98% payback rate which are re-entered into the system.

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