Sunshine TuTu Dog Dress

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The Princess TuTu Dress is an adorable casual dress for your dog to showcase her feminine side around the house or at the park.


This casual yet beautiful sun style TuTu dress will make your pup that much more adorable!


Comes in Yellow or Blue cotton slim body styles. 



  • Snug yet lightweight shirt with TuTu style stitched to the bottom
  • Fashionable Stitching into the cotton shirt base
  • Cotton & Voile Materials will fit snug & comfy on your puppy

13 lb Cocka-Poodle model is wearing a size Medium fit perfect, & the 5 lb Yorkie model is wearing a size XS perfect fit.

Sizes in dresses go up 18.5” in the chest, around the size of a beagle or Cocker Spaniel.

Please refer to the "Pups Only Size Chart" Here